Researchgate wiki software review site uptime

Available on all Uptrends plans. When Uptrends detects an error on your website or server, we always perform a double check on another checkpoint to verify the error. This is why during downtime, you always see a pattern of unconfirmed errors and confirmed errors in your website monitoring dashboards. The way we calculate uptime is easy to understand: we take the number of seconds that your monitor was down in a certain time frameand divide this by the total number of seconds your monitor was being monitored during that time frame.

Pretty simple, ain't it? Let's jump into an example. Let's say we monitored a website during 24 hours which translates to 86, secondsand in that timeframe the website went down for 10 minutes seconds.

To define the uptime and downtime percentages, we perform the following calculation:. Total number of seconds your website was down: seconds. Total number of seconds your website was monitored: 86, We divide by 86, which is 0. In percentages, this is 0. This is the downtime percentage. We hear you thinking: but how do you mark the time between different monitor statuses OK, unconfirmed error and confirmed error?

Is the time between an unconfirmed error and a confirmed error being considered as up, or down? You're right, this can seem a bit complicated at first, but actually it isn't.

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Let us walk you through all the transition periods, and explain how those periods contribute towards uptime and downtime. OK to unconfirmed error The time between the two measurements is being considered as upbecause we are not sure there is an actual error.

For that, a double-check needs to be performed. Unconfirmed error to confirmed error The time between the two measurements is being considered as down, because the error is now confirmed. Confirmed error to unconfirmed error The time between the two measurements is being considered as down, because the monitor is still in an error condition.

A monitor will be in error until we detect an OK indication. Confirmed error to OK The time between the two measurements is being considered as down. We start considering a monitor to be up from the moment we detect an OK indication. Unconfirmed error to OK The time between the two measurements is being considered as upbecause we are not sure there is an actual error. When you pause a monitor, this time is being registered as unknown. When the uptime percentage is being calculated, please keep in mind that we include the total number of unknown seconds as well, and mark the unknown time as uptime.ResearchGate is a European commercial social networking site for scientists and researchers [3] to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.

While reading articles does not require registration, people who wish to become site members need to have an email address at a recognized institution or to be manually confirmed as a published researcher in order to sign up for an account. Users may also follow the activities of other users and engage in discussions with them. Users are also able to block interactions with other users.

The site has been criticized for sending unsolicited email invitations to coauthors of the articles listed on the site that were written to appear as if the email messages were sent by the other coauthors of the articles a practice the site said it had discontinued as of November [9] and for automatically generating apparent profiles for non-users who have sometimes felt misrepresented by them.

As of [update]it has more than 15 million users, [1] with its largest user-bases coming from Europe and North America. ResearchGate publishes an author-level metric in the form of an "RG Score".

13 Best Uptime Monitoring Software & Tools

RG score is not a citation impact measure. RG Scores have been reported to be correlated with existing author-level metrics, but have also been criticized as having questionable reliability and an unknown calculation methodology. ResearchGate was founded in [12] by virologist Dr. The company's first round of funding, inwas led by the venture capital firm Benchmark. According to The New York Timesthe website began with few features, then was developed further based on input from scientists. The company grew from 12 employees in to in ResearchGate's competitors include Academia.

A article in BusinessWeek reported that ResearchGate was a "potentially powerful link" in promoting innovation in developing countries by connecting scientists from those nations with their peers in industrialized nations. It also said that ResearchGate had been involved in several notable cross-country collaborations between scientists that led to substantive developments.


Academic reception of ResearchGate remains generally positive, as recent reviews of extant literature show an accepting audience with broad coverage of concepts. Although ResearchGate is used internationally, its uptake—as of —is uneven, with Brazil having particularly many users and China having few when compared to the number of publishing researchers.

A article in Times Higher Education reported that in a global survey of 20, people who use academic social networking sites, ResearchGate was the dominant network and was twice as popular as others: 61 percent of respondents who had published at least one paper had a ResearchGate profile. In the context of the big deal cancellations by several library systems in the world, the wide usage of ResearchGate was credited as one of the factors which reduced the apparent value of the subscriptions to toll access resources.

ResearchGate had been criticized by many users for its decision to not remove convicted sex offenders from its social networking site. Many researchers deleted their account in protest as they refused to remove convicted child pornographer and registered sex offender in CanadaBen Levin as a user.They do not have a free version.

Uptime offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below. Free Trial. Visit Website. What is Uptime? Uptime is an industry leader in website performance monitoring. Uptime checks your website at one-minute intervals from 30 different locations across 6 continents. If downtime is detected by our probe servers, you will be notified via email, SMS, or third-party push notifications.

It's easy to set up and use-- start with a free account now! Best For Uptime. Contact Details Uptime. Founded in Located in United States. Starting Price. Yes, get a free trial. Uptime Features. Website Monitoring. Uptime Alternatives. ManageEngine Applica AlertBot Website Mon PA Server Monitor.

Corner Bowl Server M Compare with Similar Products. Current Product Uptime. Add to Compare. Amazon CloudWatch. LogicMonitor's unified monitoring platform expands possibilities for businesses by advancing the technology behind them Opsgenie is a modern incident management and response solution for operating always-on services Quickly solve performance issues and easily identify the biggest improvements you can make to your web or mobile app with Raygun.

Rake is a centralized messaging web application for all stakeholders Compare 0 products. Remove All. Popular Comparisons. Uptime vs Hotjar.

Uptime vs WebTitan. Uptime vs PagerDuty. Uptime vs Pulseway. Uptime vs xMatters. Uptime vs Opsgenie. Uptime vs NinjaRMM.No matter what your website does, it exists to attract the public to your business, cause, or interest.

researchgate wiki software review site uptime

Confusingly, thanks to cache servers and content delivery systems, your site can be available in one part of the world and not in others. Are all of the elements of every page on the site loading successfully? It is impossible to check these issues constantly yourself, so you are going to need an uptime monitoring tool.

Uptime monitoring lets you know when things go wrong. Response time monitoring is equally important because a web page that is slow to load or has loading errors in it is the same as being unavailable. When looking for the best uptime monitoring software and tools, we identified specialist services that focus on website availability monitors and also in-house software that can check your network servers and web services to make sure that they are working correctly.

Pingdom Synthetic Monitoring launches automated checks on the availability of online services and websites from locations around the world. As well as reporting on uptime, this service includes page speed statistics and transaction monitoring to make sure every element of a site is working satisfactorily.

As the tool is based on external servers, there is very little work involved in getting this uptime monitor set up to check on your system performance.

The service will monitor your network constantly and register an alert when performance standards slip. Those alerts are shown in the dashboard for the tool, but you can also get them sent to you as SMS or email notification, or through a web API. As this service is based remotely, it is specifically aimed at monitoring the availability of websites and other internet services that your company may provide.

As well as spotting performance problems, the tool will drill down and explore the causes of your problems.

researchgate wiki software review site uptime

A Transaction Monitoring tool in the service performance simulated walk-throughs on a site to spot errors. Pingdom is charged for on a subscription per month with the rate set depending on the frequency of tests that you choose. The alert mechanism in Pingdom lets you assume that your website is available unless you hear otherwise.

All website checks are logged and records of test results are available for historical analysis. Pingdom also includes a transaction monitoring service that enables you to confirm that all interactive elements in your site are working properly.

Start day Free Trial: pingdom. Datadog offers a range of cloud-based system monitoring servicesincluding uptime monitoring tools. The company offers two types of website availability monitoring, which it groups under the category of Synthetic Modelling.

9 Best Uptime Monitors: Top Paid and Free Uptime Monitoring Tools

Both options test the availability of a website repeatedly from different monitoring locations around the world. The uptime monitors make checks either through an API or through a browser.Do you think that software reviews play an important role in the buying decisions of clients? If yes, then you are absolutely right because almost every software industry is being affected by the online reviews provided by the users on various software review sites.

However, buyers who consulted online reviews during their software selection process were more satisfied with their purchases. Furthermore, a review system helps companies to identify unsatisfied customers and improve their products to comply with the feedback. So, if you are searching for software review sites that can assist users to identify the correct software and vendors to build trust among their potential customers.

Then, check out this article that consists of a list of 3 best software review sites along with their unique and essential features. Reapon is one of the fastest growing online software review sites that provide reviews for…. Capterra is one of the popular review sites for SaaS-based products that provide consumers an….

It helps…. It also…. Also, it offers an in-depth review of various leading software across the internet. Furthermore, it assists you to compare various software in different categories such as affiliate tracking, retail analytics, sales forecasting and many more. Get More Details Here. Capterra is one of the popular review sites for SaaS-based products that provide consumers an insight into the latest and trending software available for the business.

Moreover, it allows users to read genuine reviews and compare various products, and get the latest software research to identify the desired solution for their business. With this software review website, you can get valuable reviews and figure out the right solution for your business for free.

It helps you to make smarter decisions regarding your software research. Moreover, buyers use this review site to compare and choose software and products based on peer reviews.

It gives the perfect verdict on each software that is listed on it. Additionally, companies find it as an opportunity to get featured on this platform as it improves the current scenario of the company. Anyone can use this review website to research different software or tool that they are looking to implement for free. It also offer free consultation on finding the right software and service for businesses. Know More Details. Getting a 5-star review is amazing. Receiving it on a review site that is essential for growing your business is better.

Review allows you to direct customers to the exact review sites that will maximize customer conversion. Customize and automate review requesting, send email and SMS review requests at a specific time or day with a message that reflects your brand style. Everything is very easy to change and personalize. A review page, customized for your brand.Either way, it can translate into significant financial losses.

However, establishing high uptime for any element of your network or infrastructure can be tricky. There are numerous components potentially contributing to downtime, and these triggers need to be monitored to reduce the risk of downtime occurring on your systems.

Because there are so many potential downtime triggers, manual monitoring is a difficult, time-consuming, and resource-consuming task. Employing an uptime monitor is a highly effective way of maximizing availability in the most economical way possible.

There are many server uptime monitoring tools for you to choose from, including open-source, closed-source, enterprise-grade, and free uptime monitoring programs, each with its own merits and disadvantages. It offers an impressive range of functionalities, all of which are sophisticated and useful, while delivering a user-friendly and accessible dashboard and interface.

If you want uptime alerts and diagnostics embedded in a more complete network solution, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor provides extensive monitoring tools for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. With regard to free server uptime monitoring tools, a free edition of ipMonitor is available and is well-regarded among experienced administrators.

SolarWinds itself has a reputation for producing some of the best monitoring and management tools across the board. Uptime is a measure of the percentage of time an element of your network or system is working as intended. Website uptime specifically refers to the time a web service or website is live and available to users over a given period. Industry standards consider This is because every element of your system experiences downtime at one point or another, planned or not.

By considering In its most basic form, uptime is the downtime subtracted from the total time. The formula for calculating the percentage of uptime, as stated above, is simply uptime divided by total time.

An uptime of Five-nines availability, however, is difficult to achieve. If the system or service is mission critical, as with hospital systems, then five-nines availability should always be the goal, because any downtime could have dire consequences. However, for systems and services not considered mission critical, A ratio of A system or service can experience other issues making them potentially unusable, even if high availability is achieved. Downtime costs are determined by several factors, including how many employees would be impacted if critical data became unavailable, the average hourly wage of the impacted employee, the per-hour overhead cost of the impacted employees, and the amount of revenue lost per hour because of data unavailability.

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Understanding the multiple and common factors causing downtime can help you prevent it from happening—and assist you in fixing it when it does. In the Exigent study, network outages were found to be the most common reason for downtime, accounting for about half. Other common causes of downtime of note in the report include:. Given the cost of downtime and the range of factors potentially causing or contributing to it, having an effective uptime monitor at your disposal is fundamental to a successful business continuity plan.

The following products have been chosen with consideration of their user-friendliness, their range of capabilities, how advanced they are, and their suitability for business use.

SolarWinds ipMonitor is a lightweight network uptime monitor designed to provide monitoring for up to 2, servers, network devices, and applications. It affords you visibility into device, CPU, disk usage, and memory status, and flags performance issues associated with key processes and services.

Like all SolarWinds products, ipMonitor benefits from a dashboard designed in an intuitive way to make navigation quick and easy.Stay on top of outages and pinpoint server issues with root cause analysis capabilities. Create custom plugins and monitor critical attributes.

researchgate wiki software review site uptime

Record and simulate multi-step user interactions in a real browser and optimize login forms, shopping carts and other applications. Identify application servers and app components that are generating errors. Monitor for Java. Comprehensively monitor critical network devices such as routersswitchesand firewalls. Get deep performance visibility required to manage complex networks. Get complete visibility across your cloud resources.

researchgate wiki software review site uptime

Gauge the application experience of real users. Analyze and segment performance by browser, platform, geography, ISP and more. Manage your cloud cost and cut down spending on redundant cloud resources. Set budgets and take data-driven decisions by tracking spend across projects, and optimize AWS cost further. Powerful status pages for business transparency. Communicate downtime and promptly notify customers about your service status.

Manage your customers' IT infrastructure efficiently with our secure, scalable, and affordable monitoring suite for Managed Service Provider and Cloud Service Provider. Collect, consolidate, index, search, and troubleshoot issues using your application logs across servers and datacenter sites.

With support for common applications and log frameworks getting started is very easy. View all pricing options or checkout our MSP plan. The all-in-one dashboard gives us a single pane of glass visibility without the need of shifting to multiple monitoring devices to get complete insights.

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Modular functionality, affordability, and ease-of-use are key factors behind our reasoning to go with Site24x7. It provides a wide-range of easily configured resource monitoring that works regardless of physical or virtual location. It also allows us to focus on expanding our CloudOps and SaaS footprint in a just-in-time approach with a monitoring tool that scales as rapidly as we do. It's affordable, reliable, and the Site24x7 team is responsive and knowledgeable.

Site24x7 gives us the visibility into all the critical performance parameters of our resources and helps us stay on top of issues.

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The ease of use, feature set, affordable pricing, and excellent support are all factors that impressed us with Site24x7. Robust APIs, alert integrations, strong focus on AWS monitoring and a great relationship with the people at Site24x7 have helped us lower costs for customers and provided us with a satisfying experience.

Each instance of a below mentioned service, resource, or check is considered a basic monitor.