When does nip tuck resume

You were downsized three years ago from your job as a software user-interface designer. Since then, you've worked intermittently as a consultant, but none of the full-time jobs you've applied for have come through, despite your impressive credentials.

You suspect you're being rejected because of your age: Early career history can be left off without breaching ethics, Ms. Kay said. Early experience may no longer be relevant, and it certainly isn't where you want to spend the most energy. Not necessarily. While it may not be a clear ethical violation, some companies may not be thrilled at the appearance of being misled.

Your age will certainly come out later in the hiring process, particularly if the company does a background check, said Linda Leake, a career consultant and corporate recruiter based in Raleigh-Durham, N. While it's not technically lying, "recruiters are getting pretty sensitive to integrity issues in these post-Enron times," Ms.

Leake said. Leake suggests summarizing early history without dates, with a line like, "Other design experience includes positions with Company B, Company Q and Company X. She also advises applicants not to specify the dates of any degrees they have earned.

Use the attention-getting left column for job titles, rather than dates. Tuck in the dates discreetly after the company name, Ms. The best way to make age a nonissue is to make a strong case for why you're the best person for the job. If you don't have at the top of the first page why you are the best, you don't stand a chance. To avoid being seen as more expensive than a younger applicant, leave off salary requirements, Ms.

when does nip tuck resume

Kay recommends making sure that you have listed accomplishments, not just a string of job descriptions. What you choose to highlight should tell a story about you and what you want to convey about yourself that's unique or compelling. Kay suggested that it was important to "come up with a positioning statement," in this case, "as an information architect with extensive technical knowledge in these areas.

If you go that route, make sure that the person has references who can attest to the difference the writing made to a job search, Ms.

Wires, who spent three years consulting after being downsized from a company, found that assiduously networking and meeting new people in his field made the difference. He kept up his memberships in industry groups and regularly called people in his Rolodex to remind them that he was looking. The effort paid off.

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Wires said. He also said that he tried to make his age a nonissue by focusing on his credentials. But I decided to just not worry about it and focus on how I could do the best job I could of selling myself. So should you excise the early years entirely?

A Nip and Tuck for the Résumé

Did Mr. Workplace or career topics may be sent to ccouch nytimes. Home Page World Coronavirus U.Kimber Henry was first introduced when she met Christian Troy in the "Pilot" episode.

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She introduced herself as a model and had little to no interest in Christian, until he told her he was a plastic surgeon. Christian took Kimber back to his penthouse and the two engaged in a wild sexual encounter. Afterwards, Christian told Kimber that he could transform her "from an 8 to a 10" with plastic surgery. Kimber had the procedure done by Christian. After the surgery, Kimber felt that Christian wasn't paying enough attention to her and had dumped her. She got revenge by vandalizing his sports car and his boat, the Boatox.

Kimber had fallen for Christian, but he was too much of a playboy to settle down with her. She spent most of Season 1 attempting to get him to settle down with her. Eventually, Christian realized that Kimber was the best sex of his life and he started to miss her. The two became an official couple, and indulged in whatever wild sexual role playing or sex parties Christian wanted.

One night Merril Bobolit expressed interest in Kimber, and offered to trade Christian his Lamborghini in exchange for Kimber.

Shockingly, Christian agrees, and they plan to turn Kimber sour on Christian, by Christian basically treating Kimber like crap, and then Merrill will magically appear to console Kimber and sweet talk her. Merril thinks the plan is working until Kimber tells him he's not her type. When she calls him a "4," Merril tells Kimber about the trade.

Kimber lures Christian to bed, ties him up, and threatens him with a knife. She leaves him tied to the bed and takes the keys to the Lamborghini.

She goes back to Merril and the two become engaged. Their engagement ends when Merril performs surgery on a dog and the dog ends up dying. He is sued and loses his practice Kimber's life went on and she continued to struggle as an actress and a model. Because of her bad luck finding jobs, she developed a cocaine habit.

Her cocaine use ruined her nasal septum. At the time, Christian was trying to gain custody of Wilbur. He decided to repair Kimber's nasal septum, if she agreed to not say anything about him at the custody deposition. Kimber later became a very successful porn star.

She was so popular that there was a life-size Kimber Henry Sex Doll made of her. The doll was selling like crazy. This also led to a brief relationship with Christian's business partner, Sean McNamara. However, Kimber's love for Christian could not be denied and they ended up back together. Kimber became engaged to Christian during Season 3. However, she disappeared from the church on the day of the wedding, leaving Christian at the altar.

Christian assumed that Kimber had decided she couldn't marry him and he tried to move on. However, it turned out that Kimber was kidnapped and attacked by The Carver. He held her captive and kept her away from Christian for a long time. He even made her write a Dear John Letter to Christian.Though a seventh season was originally set to air inthe remaining nine episodes were merged into the sixth season.

Sean suffers an ethical and moral dilemma when he is offered a deal which, in return for performing liposuction on an obese prisoner about to be executed, would result in Matt being released from prison. Christian, after discovering that Kimber is pregnant, orders her to have an abortion or lose him in the process. His ultimatum grows when he promises to marry her if she goes through with what he wants. A desperate Kimber turns to both Liz and Mike Mario Lopez when deciding how far she is prepared to go for the man she loves.

Matt discovers information that could jeopardize his possible release.

when does nip tuck resume

As they prepare to accept a prestigious award from their alma mater, Sean grows increasingly tired of covering up Christian's numerous indiscretions, a pattern going back to their first initial meeting in college. Guest starring George Newbern. Just when you think the ideas get old, a new, bizarre cosmetic surgery element is thrown at you.

But my oh my did it not disappoint in that respect. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rose McGowan as Dr. Mario Lopez as Dr. Retrieved March 26, The Hollywood Reporter.

July 15, Nielsen Business Media. Archived from the original on March 31, Archived from the original on Retrieved Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved May 13, July 17, The Atlantic. January 30, People Magazine.

when does nip tuck resume

March 8, April 15, May 8, Original TV Soundtrack Dr.Kimber is a one-time model, pornographic actress, and pornography director and producer. She is one of six series regulars, [1] usually at the center of the show's sometimes boundary-pushing and controversial storylines. Originally a guest star in the pilot episode, Kimber was promoted to a recurring character for the show's first two seasons before finally becoming a series regular in season three, in part due to both critical and audience acclaim for actress Kelly Carlson's performance.

Carlson is also responsible for some of Kimber's quirks and self-exploration, and has said she enjoys playing a character who is trying to find herself. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly published online a day after the airing of Kimber's suicide episode, actress Kelly Carlson confirmed Kimber's death, but promised that she reappears in visions, and as Christian's conscience.

Aspiring model Kimber meets Christian Troy at a bar. She is initially uninterested in him, before being told that he is a plastic surgeon. However, Kimber can't match Christian's playboy lifestyle, so Christian strikes a deal with Merrill Bobolit to push Kimber into his arms as a "trade" for Bobolit's prized Lamborghini Diablo.

The trade works, but when Kimber discovers the truth she attacks Christian, tying him to his bed and slicing him with a knife. Christian reunites with Kimber when he discovers that she has been in contact with Gina Russo and will give evidence against him in the custody battle for baby Wilber.

Christian initially plays on Kimber's remaining attraction to him, but is repulsed when her cocaine addiction is revealed. Christian discovers that her nasal septum has been destroyed, and he offers to fix it for free provided she keeps quiet during the deposition. Despite dreams of becoming an actress, Kimber gets involved with porn and quickly becomes a hot commodity within the industry. While Sean creates a mold of her vagina, Kimber explains that she may be a masochist, as she loves Christian despite the pain he puts her through.

Sean tells her that she is simply too trusting, and that he admires her spirit. Kimber soon discovers that Sean has had sex with her doll, and he gets to try out the real thing when the two of them engage in a brief affair. At dinner with Sean, Kimber explains that Alma, her psychic, told her that the heart line in her hand is broken in two, hinting at a love tragedy.

She wants her lines surgically connected and extended to change fate. Despite at first calling the request ridiculous, Sean is seduced into performing the procedure. Moving behind the camera and directing her own erotic films, Kimber tells Christian that she loves him and will always be there for him. In an effort to help Christian get back to his old self following his sexual attack at the hands of The Carvera serial rapistKimber agrees to invite bisexual detective Kit McGraw into their relationship to spice things up.

Christian proposes to Kimber, but tragedy strikes when Kimber is kidnapped from their wedding by The Carver. It is revealed that The Carver has undone all of Kimber's previous surgeries without anesthesiaas well as carving his signature smile into her face. Christian fixes her destroyed body but Kimber ends their relationship soon after, displaying signs of Stockholm syndrome and feeling sympathy for her captor and his message that "beauty is a curse on the world".

After her torture at the hands of The Carver, Kimber converts to Scientology. She runs into Matt McNamara at the gym and introduces him to the cult through an E-meter test.

Kimber enrages Julia McNamara when she encourages Matt to move out of the McNamara home due to its "toxic environment". The following morning Christian reveals that he was simply using her for sex, which destroys Kimber.

Christian believes the baby is secretly his, but DNA tests prove otherwise. Sean tells Kimber about Matt's true feelings for her, and she replies that she is trying to love him. Kimber and Matt travel to Los Angeles with their new baby girl Jenna in tow. Matt tells Sean and Christian that he has taken Jenna and left Kimber, but this is in fact a ruse to get money to pay for his and Kimber's spiraling addiction to crystal methamphetamine.

Kimber tells Matt that she never loved him, and moves in with Ram. After dropping off Jenna, Kimber kisses Christian but laughs and recoils at the sight of his post-surgery breast cancer scar. She tells him that his cancer is karma for the way he has treated women over the years, and is surprised that something like it didn't happen sooner.

Kimber administers the collagen incorrectly, leading Christian to do the deed and rejects Kimber's decision to get Jenna a successful modeling career.

Discovering that Christian is about to marry Liz and is dying from cancer, Kimber confronts Liz and tells her that she is the one who should be with Christian in his last days. Liz rejects the idea, believing that Kimber is only after Christian's wallet. Kimber shows up at the wedding ceremony uninvited.After a consultation seeking to reconstruct her hymen, she begins to make strong sexual advances towards Julia's Then ex-husband Sean.

He responds in disgust, calling her a "disturbed sociopath".

Nip/Tuck SERIES FINALE - 6x19 \

He later finds himself having sexual fantasies about her. Sean soon becomes unnerved when he learns his year-old daughter Annie has developed an admiration for her. However, Eden appears to be more interested in manipulating and corrupting Annie than forming a friendship.

when does nip tuck resume

She manages to convince Annie she is over-weight and advises her to get liposuction. After Sean forbids it, Annie is expelled after Eden teaches her about oral sex, which Annie then uses on the boy she likes.

Eden then blackmails Sean's friend and business partner Christian Troy and threatens that she will tell Sean he slept with Sean's wife Julia. At first, she wants Christian to operate on one of her friends but she then asks for a liposuction. Instead, Christian gives her several prescription diet pills only to tell Eden's mother she stole them from the office. She is sent to a rehab center for six weeks, swearing she'll take revenge.

When she comes back she claims she has been attacked in rehab and has Christian and Sean operate on her arm. After failing to tear everybody apart by revealing the affair and Sean's attraction to her, she shows a more vulnerable side and Sean engages in a short-lived affair with her. In the Christmas episode, Eden gets Julia to eat a fruitcake that has been laced with a vial of mercury. Julia becomes increasingly unwell, suffering from frequent nosebleeds, fatigue and hair loss.

While Julia is ill, Eden also goes into the pornography business with Kimber Henry. Following Julia's discovery of the cause of her sickness, Eden claims that she will turn herself over to the police, only to retrieve a handgun and shoot Julia in the head.

It is revealed in the season finale that Julia has survived but has lost all memory from before the shooting. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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Eden Lord. AnnaLynne McCord.Sean McNamara and Dr. Liz CruzChristian's many sexual partners, and Sean's family. With the exception of the pilot, each episode of the series is named after the patient s scheduled to receive plastic surgery.

The show premiered on July 22,and concluded on March 3,with the th episode. The show earned 45 award nominations, winning one Golden Globe and one Emmy Award. Sean McNamara Dylan Walsh is often found having problems at home due to being seduced by beautiful women on a daily basis, and thus tries to keep his family together by patching up the rocky road in which his family and he are living.

Partner Christian Troy Julian McMahonthough, uses his charm to bring in potential female candidates and conducts vain business deals, almost never failing and ending up with dozens of women in bed.

Sean takes his job seriously; he is often found having to fix some of Christian's mistakes. The fifth season premiered on October 30,[6] though production was affected by the Writers Strike. Accordingly, the second half of the fifth season was not screened until January 6,in the U. Another 19 episodes were picked up by FX; airing on October 14, Following a 3-week hiatus for the Christmas holidays, the show resumed in Januaryand concluded on March 3,with its th episode.

The show inspired the creation of the plastic-surgery reality show Dr. John Landgraf, president of FX, stated that such a move was a "huge risk", since it stacked up "against the full barrage of fall network competition". It was then eclipsed on September 20,when the third-season premiere, entitled "Momma Boone", drew roughly 5. Three months later. Of those 5. It's also the largest demographic number for any single telecast in the network's history," [14] [ dead link ] according to Zap2It.

According to the September 8,Mediaweek column "The Programming Insider", "the fourth-season premiere on Tuesday, September 5,averaged 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved March 27, Retrieved March 27, TV Schedule. Sign In. Year: S6, Ep Error: please try again. Three months later. As they prepare to accept a prestigious award from their alma mater, Sean grows increasingly tired of covering up Christian's numerous indiscretions, a pattern going back to their first initial meeting in college.

Kimber grows frustrated by changes in Christian's physical appearance and his lack of respect for her new career, pushing her into the arms of her newest interior design client: Sean.

Meanwhile, Christian refuses to operate on a former supermodel, named Willow Banks, who wants to surgically alter her face in an effort to look ordinary. Also, Sean operates on Rupert Kenney, a survivor of an year coma who wants to both look and feel like his younger self. Kimber reaches an emotional crossroads in regards to both her crumbling marriage to Christian and her secret affair with Sean.

Meanwhile, Christian comes to a point of clarity over his marriage while experimenting with the dangerous sex act of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Sean reunites with his humanitarian college friend, Dr. Curtis Ryerson, and becomes interested in performing more pro-bono surgery. Also, Sean and Christian fix the face of a man who survived a suicide attempt jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Kimber's suicide devastates Christian, who seeks emotional comfort with her estranged mother, Brandy, who arrives in Los Angeles for the funeral.

Sean postpones his trip to Africa with Curtis out of respect for Christian's pain despite knowing that the narcissistic Christian will get over it quickly. When Curtis goes to Africa alone, Sean has an intimate encounter with his doctor wife Sarah.

Kimber Henry

Also, Sean and Christian operate on a woman, Sheila Carlton, whose face was horrifically scarred by the pet chimpanzee owned by her best friend Jane, who herself is emotionally Meanwhile, Christian's decision to operate on a small-town girl, Virgina Hayes, seeking surgery to make her a Hollywood "10" backfires, exposing an elaborate con in the process. Sean and Christian begin group psychotherapy in an attempt to resolve their escalating problems, with both revealing long-held secrets and their true perspectives on one another.

Sean and Christian face a troubling future for their practice when they discover a growing black market in "injectable" procedures, which many believe will signal the death of plastic surgery. While under anesthetic during face lift surgery, Christian enters a dream world where he encounters past patients, experiences Sean's disappointments, comes to terms with Kimber's death, and he meets his late biological father. Meanwhile, Liz dates a pharmaceutical rep whom is separated from her husband.

The angry and bitter Julia visits Sean and Christian in Los Angeles to share some life-changing news, and she also rejects romantic advances from both men.

Nip/Tuck: Season Five, Part Two

Meanwhile, Matt gets a blast from his past when Ava Moore, who has caused immeasurable family chaos years ago, turns up as Matt prepares to marry Ramona. Also, Liz reveals that she's happily pregnant.

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In the series finale, Christian agrees with Ava to operate on baby Raphael in exchange for her to stay out of Matt's life who has abandoned everyone to be with Ava. While preparing to leave for London, Julia worries about Sean's mental state of mind as he continues to be in denial to his feelings of abandonment. Liz is overwhelmed by Sean's excitement over her pregnancy when he adds her name to the practice. Christian's worry about Julia moving far away, and a vision of the deceased Kimber forces him to reconsider his long-standing relationship with Sean.

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